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Hurricane Sandy rock 'n' roll playlist!

hurricane sandy go away

Photo By jaydensonbx

It's time to throw out some tunes for those on the east coast - we're thinking of you while we're rockin!

I just got back into the states from Mexico. For the past four days I was unaware of any news or happenings. I knew the east was going to be hit by a hurricane, but we had no idea how things were playing out from Mexico. I have many family and friends all over the east coast. My buddy Frank has shared some things about how NYC is getting hit and helped me build this playlist.

We thought we would put some music together for anyone who's on the east coast and still has electric and the internet. Download this playlist quick add it to your smartphone and make sure it's charged as you board things up and look for shelter.

We hope everyone makes it out ok and everywhere is able to get back to normal in the very near future. Hang in there. I know the northeast is tough so you guys will be back on your feet in no time.

subway notice for hurricane sandy

Photo by Kriston Lewis

It was crazy yesterday seeing all the plane activity for the east coast… Philly canceled quite a few flights, Newark on the other hand was open for business. Hope everyone made it back safely.

hurricane sandy map

Photo by MapBox

Now for those of you outside of the northeast, here's a playlist to think of your friends and family all the while rockin' out!

Share this playlist with your friends to support the east coast, be safe and Enjoy!

Get the extended playlist here: Hurricane Sandy - 2012 storm playlist

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Published by: Dale Berkebile
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