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9 Dudes and 44 Metal Albums

steve reeves slayer tat 2

"I should do a metal article", I thought to myself about a month ago.

How does one go about composing a metal article? Especially when one might risk doing a genre of which so many take so seriously and personally an injustice by forgetting an important facet of some subgenre or forget about an unreleased demo or whatever; it's a hassle I don't have the emotional capacity for.


Guitar Gear Guide #4: You wanna be a Rockstar? Practice Makes Perfect

music stand
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You’ve got the gear and you’ve got the resources, so now what?

How does one go about practicing their guitar - or any musical instrument, for that matter - and actually become more proficient at it?

Guitar Gear Guide #3: How To Learn To Play That Shiny New Guitar?

JamPlay guitar lesson website

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10 Records #9


I've been excited about all kinds of music lately, so you get another one of these pretty quick after the last! Hopefully, this is good news. Whenever I have a few records I'd like to share that maybe you weren't aware of or listened to in awhile, I post one of these - I've had a lot lately. Hope you enjoy!

Niche vs. Broad: Ray Harkins on 100 Words Or Less

ray and ray

The intent behind this series, initially, was one panel piece in which I asked similar questions of several folks who all operate music sites and/or podcasts that all fit into one area of a mutual venn diagram, but not all. Some run a more niche ship when it comes to the music they focus on, some more broad. Operating on the broad end myself, and knowing some of the challenges that accompany that, I thought I'd get them together in one piece and see what they had to say about the ups and downs, high and lows, and generally what it's like to run the type of operation they do.

Guitar Gear Guide #2: Buying Your First REAL Amplifier. Turn it up!

fender amp how to buy an amp
Want to see the other articles in the Guitar Gear Guide series? Just click the link.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My first guitar lesson.

I met my teacher, who was (and still is!) awesome. I owe my guitar musicianship to him. I noticed 3 things when I walked into his studio for the first time. One, a large print of a “legends of rock’n’roll” poster where I was able to find only 3 women - Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, and Lita Ford. Two, the gold and platinum records on his wall. Number three - the oxblood Les Paul Standard on a stand right next to a Marshall stack. I was going to be plugging into that for my first lesson?!? I was thrilled. Once a week I would have my lesson and get to hear my awful guitar playing through a gorgeous sounding amplifier. At home I was stuck with my tiny little Traynor practice amp. One thing I learned right away is that a great amp is the key to great guitar tone.

10 Records #8

dogs heroin

Happy Wednesday! Here are 10 records I've been digging lately that you may dig as well. If not, there's always next time.

Guitar Gear Guide #1: So ya want to play the electric guitar, huh?

lita ford bc rich warlock

Editor's note: So I've been wanting to do a gear guide article for sometime. I wanted to learn some tips for buying my own gear, but more importantly I wanted to help educate people on how to get into the game and be successful at it (so we have new bands to cover in the future!). Anyhow, as I'm getting to know Martina she seemed like a perfect fit to run with this. With that we are creating a short series that will be informative and educational for the newbie just getting started. Please share your thoughts and let us know if you like this idea and if we should do future series like this. Without further ado… here's Martina!

Hi-tech vinyl, holograms & killer music on Jack White's Lazaretto LP

JackWhite playing

Jack White has done it again, killer creativity but this time it's in more than just his music!

Michelle Beebs – Not Crazy: Lyrical Ladies & Badass Bitches #5

michelle beebs

We’ve talked about Michelle Beebs on Sound Convictions before, but I couldn’t make a list of women to look out for in music and leave her off of it.

Beebs is the front woman of Beebs and Her Money Makers (BaHMM), a funk-ska-rock-etc band of super heroes spreading positivity and kick-ass music the world over.

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